Seven Knights - 'where magic happens'
Day Six

We all have the capacity to self harm. Gluttony, idleness, smoking and alcohol are not good for us, we all know this, but it is easy to succumb to temptation.

The scorpion teaches us to think about our health, our wellbeing and achieving a balanced lifestyle.

If something is holding us back, doubt in our ability or procrastination for example, then today is the opportunity to confront and take a positive step toward defeating your demons.

The quiet negative voice in your head that tells you that you will not succeed can be defeated using a simple visualization technique.

During previous sessions we have learned that the lion and eagle are dominant in our psyche so when the scorpion appears it becomes an irrelevance once self mastery has been achieved. The sting of the scorpion is avoided if it is mercilessly stamped upon at the outset.